1. MYOB product is developed by one of founder of SAP company. So the software have many features learnt from SAP. Many of our clients choose MYOB because they have experience on SAP, but the price is high and MYOB is a good alternative.
  2. MYOB is designed for for people who do not know much accounting but they still manage their accounting system while the Vietnamese software strongly focuses on accounting system. If the manager is not strong in accounting, the Vietnamese software will be difficult for them.
  3. MYOB have a large collections of reports for managing client business. The report is easy to read and understand while the Vietnamese software lack managing reports and really complicated to read. Some of good reports on MYOB are Last year comparison, Sales analysis, Customer & Supplier ledger, etc
  4. If the client would like to manage business to see profit of their projects or orders. Myob has a Job feature which tracks expense and income and then give profit of each order or project. The job feature is advantage of MYOB which other software seldom have.
  5. Users who use MYOB will experience on the user friendly and ease when keying in data. Human error is decreased and checking data is very easy.
  6. Using MYOB, the manager can have reports straight away and no need to wait the accountant prepare report.
  7. Budget is is also available in MYOB while Vietnamese software does not have this feature.
  8. MYOB lacks some features such as Vietnamese Tax, Fixed asset but we -HD Exepertise provide addon software linked MYOB to solve these issues

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